I'm Emily, and if you havent already guessed this is my blog. There is alot of stuff i here that is absolutely pointless so, just don't pay much attention to it.


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Alone I fade, Alone I die,
Alone I pay you one final goodbye
Alone I sit, alone I stand
Alone I am, not what I planned.

Alone I fade, alone I die
Alone I wade, in these tears I cry.
Alone it cuts, alone I bleed,
Alone I am trapped, longing to be freed


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Jul 30, 2004

 hey emily here. watching zorro and talking to zac.  Antonio Banderas is the shizknit. i swear! Today was kind of sad because three people asked me to go do stuff with them but as always i am stuck home watching my mother's children and watching cursed music videos while chatting online. I can't stand canadians who think they are all cool and fun just because they are from canada. damn them and damn fefe dobson.. even though her eye make up is quite pretty i will not fall under your spell along with the rest of america! I went to the opening of OLD NAVY the other night.  It was so crowded! made it very hard to get in there and get my shopping done. but i managed it i guess. i hate commercials about law firms that promise that you will get money if you get hurt on thier job or if a doctor was responsible for some further hurt to your body... you know thier lying! and they are always effing local commercials too.. either that or they have crappy camera guys..
and i have decided i will no longer where stripes. im boycotting them. im also iffy about plaid but i guess its ok sometimes.

you know what is the best damn thing in the world?  NUTELLA!

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Jul 19, 2004
stale chinese chicken

                          well skip-

 Im listening to Brand New right now (specifically the song 'i will play my game under the spin light')  i love this band. anywho,  Amber just left my house and i am bored now. i can smell chinese food and it smells really good... yummmmmmmmmm! nothing like left over chinese food in the mornign i guess.

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Jun 10, 2004
Buzzkill, all i live for is knitting


Im at kats just hanging, listening to the darkness and maroon five. well everyone ive learned how to knit and its fun. and addicting. alotta people want me to knit them stuff. like jordan wants a green scarf and andrew wants a pink one! so demanding haha  lol, anyways, ive discovered the most awesome comedian Michael Ian Black. He is SO funny! haha anyways, tonight me and kat are going to go put putting and get frozen custard since we are leaving tommorow for the weekend. well with that whole Timm thingy , well im over it . even though i am breaking up with chris as soon as he gets back from california. well i dont have much time becaus emy esy mac is cooking, later


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May 27, 2004
Simply put... me

Hey skippo,

havent written in here in awhile.. but that doesnt mean my life had been not busy! i just got back from my New York Trip.. it was awesome! i saw so many things that since i had only seen them on TV they had never seemed as real to me as they did when i was standing there expieriencing them.  the statue of liberty was cool, even though Ellis Island was kind of a bore.... but found out about the Yamnitskys (wierd story) but anyway, i saw Radio City Music Hall, NBC studios, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Virgin Records. I also saw the musicals Hairspray and Phantom Of The Oprah. Hairspray was my favorite..  it was so funny and really had a good moral if you think about it, " The more gearth, the more your worth!" lol
                         But anyway, i learned alot of things in New York i never thought before....
there are some CRAZY ass people there! there was this one guy who was like, 'never fall asleep in the michael jackson mansion, because if you do he will play with your ass!' it was so funny! and the guy who said it had like this black portirecan accent... it was so hilarious.. and then there was this guy who on the subway brought his guitar and started singing spanish songs for us.. it was so awesome. except the subway smelled like pee..... but still it was cool.
                                                ANYWAY- im having major guy trouble 101- my boyfriend is nice and everything but while i was in New York i got to know this guy named Timm and we flirted the whole time we were around each other and i get back home and im wondering if i should break up with my boyfriend.. i dont even know if timm really likes me and he is going to be going away for college in the fall but ill still be here... so if he does like me then well i dont know.... i just wanna find out if he likes me... i like my boyfriend (dont get me wrong) but i like Timm like 20 times more... so i mean.. decisions decisions... i just wish there was some way to find out if he liked me... Gabby is supposed to be casually  mentioning my name to him on sunday at church and we are gonna see what he says.... but you know i dont want him to think its immature of whatever. i just dont want to be a bad girlfriend or whatevr because i like someone more than my own boyfriend.... eeeeeek! welli should probably get going,
Love you Skipso,


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Apr 10, 2004
Disfuctional Easter


My family is so disfunctional... but i guess what family really is? Tommorow is Easter and i am once again depressed because i hate acting happy and jovial and whatnot for one day just for the mere reason to be a 'family'. if we are such a family than why dont we act all happy and crap everyday? i mean when we force a smile upon our face than we end up fighting... today i said i hated my sister and my mom said 'TOMMOROW IS EASTER, GET ALONG!' but what is the point? i am so fed up with always trying to be a good person and to look happy like i have no problems. im tired of being optimistic. ugh.. im so disgusted with myself sometimes... this front i put on.... i mean yeah i am normally a happy person and all but sometimes i just get tired of being all bubbley and happy-go-lucky and stuff. Sometimes i wish i could like re-invent  myself to be someone totally different.. with the same  friends because i love all of them dearly.. without them i would seriously probably move to Tennessee because they are all driving me crazy.... my friends are great, i couldnt ask for better ones..:) anyway, dont get me wrong.. i love easter! christ rose and thats great i just dont like how it affects my family. well i guess ive said enough!


Posted at 06:33 pm by EmilyKora
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Apr 8, 2004
Hey Skippy

hey skips,

just at home chillin like a villian ... lol well today was ok im doing hurdles in the track meet on wednesday...... ahhhh! but other than that a pretty normal day xcept gab and sam were wierd today,


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Feb 12, 2004
Ello Jello


Hi, i havent talked on here in awhile. today was a bad day. i dont know why i just felt like punching somebody in the face and im normally not that violent so it was bad :S my mom had parent- teacher conferences today. so i had to babysit the baby all day.. it sucked. i have 8 minuets left on the commputer so i better skat. well ill talk on here later


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Feb 8, 2004


 hey just sitting here wondering what went wrong...

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Jan 3, 2004

Sometimes i wonder, if i'm heard.
So many people,
So many words.
Screaming and Kicking
I Fight and i fight.
But now matter how much i try,
My throat just seems to grow tight
Lying and Cheating only seem to work
but makes me look like a dork
a total jerk.
So next time you see me
walking with my head down
you know that my smile is fading
and im waiting for the day when i am set free.


Posted at 11:09 pm by EmilyKora
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Dec 10, 2003
I wish My Friends Would Just Get Along!



Hey, i am so tired of my friends not getting along! Gabbs and Marissa are just plain mean to chris for NO Reason! and now, everything is just so hectic and i hate it! it was just so much fun when we all just had fun together! I remember when we went 4-wheeling, it was so fun.....*day dreaming*.... now, everyone hates eachother and nobody wants to admit they are wrong!!! Errr... Marissa and Gabby dont realize they HURT chris's feelings! no amount of anything could justify hurting someone's feelings like that. NOTHING.. oh geeeeeezz. this sucks really bad.. what am i to do? i need some advice... grrrr



Posted at 05:39 pm by EmilyKora
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